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Meet The Team

a little bit about some of our key fitters

Meet the team Nadia

Hello! I am Nadia the founder co-owner of ShuZu (and now Footscape our adult shoe store also in North Camp).

I have two grown up 'children', well three if you include the other half..hahaha. To those who know me it is no surprise that I have ended up working with kids as I have loved kids from an early age.

When my daughter was little she had quite wide feet and we struggled to find shoes in her width. We then noticed whilst on holiday in France that the variety and choice of styles was so much better than at home. 'Ding!' We had a lightbulb moment and the ShuZu journey began.

Fast forward nearly 20 years (gulp! where did that go?) and here we are still going strong. Our qualified fitters offer our customers the widest choice and variety of footwear and catering for all sorts of needs but most importantly FIT!

Your feet are in great hands, so much so that many medical health professionals refer their clients to us, because they know we will do the best in getting great shoes that fit.



Hello! I am Dani and I have worked in ShuZu for 6 years. I started my journey in June of 2016 just before the ‘crazy’ summer holidays started. Being told it's the store's busiest time of the year filled me with dread but I took on the challenge as I thought - what's the worst that can happen right? 

I had never known anything like it apart from working Christmas Eve in The Entertainer toy store. It was crazy busy for several weeks, but it soon died down and we got back to some normality, whatever that is!

Whilst at ShuZu I have qualified from the Society of SHie Fitters and have been a member since 2018. I also have just completed a level 4 management course?? 

I love my job as we see so many children from babies who are starting to walk to children with special needs and grumpy teenagers who need a pair of school shoes for their final year at school. 

It is very fulfilling and with the knowledge gained from my shoe fitting qualification it is great knowing that we can make sure little ones' feet are happy and fitted correctly, and to see their smiles - this is the best part of my job! 

I had my daughter Sophia in the summer or 2020 and I absolutely love being a mummy with all the adventures that comes with it. We love spending time as a family going on long walks and making some amazing memories.

Meet the team Dani
Meet the team Emma


My name is Emma and I joined the ShuZu family in 2016 after having a 10 year break to raise my son. 

After undertaking the Society of Shoe Fitters course in 2018 I have been qualified and a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters since 2018. I love coming to work everyday as there can be a new challenge and there is always something to learn. It is very satisfying finding the right shoes for the many shapes and sizes of feet that we see and also those that need help if they have special requirements.

In my spare time I enjoy doing different sports, my favourites are badminton and boxing, I also like taking long walks with friends. 

My other passion is baking, I love creating cakes for special occasions and I have made a fair few for my colleagues and their families.


My name is Lucy and I joined ShuZu in 2016 whilst I was still in school, however I was not totally new to ShuZu as my eldest sister worked here and I had school shoes fitted here too!

I lived in America for 3 years when I was younger and although this time was great, we missed family and friends so we came home to finish my schooling here.

My main passion is photography and I hope to have a career in this field some day.  I also work on social media for ShuZu and the adult shoe store Footscape which I enjoy creating content for.

My other hobby is dancing which I have done since I was 6 and dance at a local dance studio. 

Meet the team Lucy
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