Back-to-School Shoe Shopping Guide

We know what you thinking… “we’ve only just broken up for the summer, I don’t need to worry about the new school term yet.”

However, before you know it, the weeks will creep past, and you’ll be panic buying and left with little or no choice of what’s left in the shops. Read our guide to ensure getting back to school goes as smoothly as possible.

Every child’s foot is unique, it’s important to get the right shoes to avoid future foot problems.

We always recommend getting your children’s shoes fitted by a trained specialist. They do more than just measure your feet. They’ll look at the whole foot, taking into consideration instep, and wide or narrow foot shape, and then be able to make the correct shoe selection for your child’s needs.

School shoes will be worn all day, every weekday for up to two terms depending on how fast your children’s feet grow. Getting the fit right will ensure you get the most value from your shoes. They will accommodate growing feet and the rough and tumble of the school playground. Poorly fitting shoes can end up costing you more money in the long run as you may need to buy new shoes sooner.

Online or in-store?

One of the main causes of foot problems is ill-fitting shoes that have been bought directly, so we always recommend that you visit our store to have your children’s shoes fitted. However, we understand that some people may be protecting their family and may not wish to be fitted instore. So, we have made some styles available for purchase online.

lease read our guide to fitting your children’s shoes here.

Avoid disappointment and book an appointment.