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ShuZu is 20!

Well just wow! It has been an amazing journey.

Who would have thought that having a daughter with wide feet and a lack of choice of footwear, followed by a trip to France would lead to this? 20 years of history, thousands of shoes fitted on thousands of feet and not just in England too!

When we opened, it was to offer more variety and choice for wide and narrow feet, along with fabulous colours and always something different. Our skills as fitting specialists have grown and word of mouth is still our greatest advertisement and compliment.

I have loved seeing customers with their first child being fitted for their first shoes, to their third child getting their last pair of school shoes (making me feel very old!) as they have grown up with ShuZu as part of their family and tradition. There have also been moments where we have had tears of joy, whether we have managed to find and fit a tricky or special need and this is why we love our job 😊

This really makes me proud and happy as it shows what a great team of fitters we have, past and present, they make the ShuZu experience memorable, and I would like to thank each and every one of them!

Happy Birthday to us!

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