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When should I get my baby's first shoes?

When should I get my baby's first shoes? Is a common question we get asked daily. Newborn babies have perfect feet, and no 'true' bones in them. Most of these 'bones' are still cartilage. While babies' feet are developing there is the danger of bones, toes and joints becoming distorted by pressure. This can come from ill-fitting shoes and non-supportive footwear.

It is vital to take special care when fitting shoes for children, as their formative years shape the future of their feet and the way they walk, run and develop. As feet grow the relationship between length and width changes constantly.

It is important to get your child's shoes checked regularly as their feet change, a child taking a wide fitting at 4 years old, may require a narrow at 6 or 8 years.

Children's shoes measuring and fitting UK

You don't need to start thinking about shoes for your child until they start cruising. They are ready for pre-walkers once they start to pull themselves up on furniture or take a few steps. These will be soft shoes with flexible soles to not restrict their movement.

Once they have started walking, you should get their feet checked every 6-8 weeks.

When they have started to walk more confidently it is time for a more structured shoe. However, they should still be flexible; your child should seem comfortable wearing them.

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