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£5 Booking Fee (deducted from purchases)

Ahead of your visit, please read our Shoe Buying Guide & Returns Policy for important information  here.


Is your child anxious or sensitive about having their feet measured/fitted? Then you may find our social story helpful here.

We recommend opening a booking profile  'sign up' (top right on website header) before making your first appointment which which will enable you to move the booking should you need to.  

Booking Policy

Appointments are available for any number of children and carry a minimum £5 charge.

Please book for the number of children you would like measured/fitted as there may not be sufficient time for you.

The appointment fee will be deducted from purchases on the day or if no purchase is made, then a credit voucher will be issued.

Appointment reminders are sent out by email 24 hours before the appointment. If you do not attend, we do not offer a refund or credit note.

If you would like to cancel before the appointment,  we will refund the booking fee if 24+ hours notice is given otherwise we will issue a credit voucher.

Time slots are fixed, however there is flexibility providing we are not extremely busy. 
Please bring clean socks for your child as we cannot fit without them. Socks can be purchased in store.

During busy periods we ask that the ratio of adults to children is kept to a minimum.

Appointment reminders are sent 24 hours before and a follow up message via email.

By booking an appointment you confirm that you have read and accepted the above policy.

Quiet days

Book an appointment during our quiet hours over Back-to-School. There to support children who struggle with a stressful environment.

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