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Our biggest Back to School shoe tip!

Our biggest Back to School tip is to always wear your new shoes around the house...

Over the summer your child is wearing sandals, flip flops, trainers, crocs you name it, but not school shoes. Their feet will have gotten used to a super soft, less structured and comfortable shoe.

Start-rite Impulsive school shoe

New shoes, especially those designed for school activities, may initially feel stiff and uncomfortable. Wearing them around the house allows your feet to gradually adjust to the shoe's shape, materials, and support. By doing so, you allow your feet to become accustomed to the shoes, preventing discomfort or painful blisters during school hours. This practice helps you identify any potential areas of discomfort, manufacturing issues or style issues early on, allowing you to make adjustments or seek alternative options if necessary.

We offer an extended exchange period over the August back-to-school period, so if you do find that you're having problems with the shoes you are able to pop back in and resolve this before they start school again.

So, the next time you or your child brings home a new pair of school shoes, remember to take those initial steps indoors before venturing outside. Their feet will thank you for it!


Have you got your school shoes yet?

  • Yes, all done!

  • Not yet, planning on it!

  • Waiting till next term!

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